Double Negative People supports and advocates for local, regional, and national efforts to promote hip-hop culture, education, and self-awareness.

In the past 49 years, hip-hop music has elevated to a cultural behemoth and economic boon for those involved. However, the culture lacks self-sufficiency and self-awareness in terms of its true value. DNP actively participates in the conversation about the social, cultural, and intellectual merits of the artform, and works within the community to support ventures that allow those merits to come to fruition.

Roderick Wallace, one of the co-founders of DNP, is a current Ph.D candidate at Eastern Michigan University. With close to 20 years of experience in inner-city education and a passion for hip-hop music, critique, and analysis, he helped to develop the RRAMP (River Rouge Audio and Music Production) program at River Rouge High School. He is looking to build similar programs in districts across the country that supply students with renewed interest in school, important STEM-related skills, and a focus on developing grit and precision.


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