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Watch “Double Negative People – Bending Corners (Official Music Video) on YouTube

This joint appears on the upcoming album by LI Tha Don “The Don Of A New Day” and features NERF, Mr. Pedro, and HonestHippy from D’Etnam. Production comes from MicNotes and Rod Wallace from Double Negative People. Video shot by @BM2DATOP.

D’Etnam- Walk With Me EP



This is the longform version of “Walk With Me,” an EP released by D’Etnam on July 4, 2016. D’EtNam is a Detroit hip-hop group comprised of HonestHippy and Til.AM, who also produced songs on the album. Additional production comes from Papamitrou, LA Beats, as well as Mr. Wallace and MicNotes from Double Negative People. DNP also serves as the Executive Producers of the album.

1. 00:00 Intro
2. 00:52 Attention (Produced by Mr. Wallace for Double Negative People)
3. 05:37 Plan B (Produced by Papamitrou)
4. 09:41 Spiral (Produced by Unknown)
5. 11:50 Walk With Me (Produced by Til.AM)
6. 15:24 Its DaNam feat. Vica (Produced by Mr. Wallace and MicNotes for Double Negative People)
7. 18:48 Life Ain’t Chosen (Produced by Mr. Wallace for Double Negative People and Mike Carr)
8. 21:53 Ballad (Produced By MicNotes and Mr. Wallace for Double Negative People)
9. 27:50 If It’s On (Produced by Unknown)
10. 32:55 Anticipation (Produced by Kuhane Beats)

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